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Lead the field – other builders cannot offer this warranty!


  • Install a Lux approved drainage board on your basement wall
  • Check the “drainage box”  on the home registration form
  • Check the “Dry Basement box” on the possession form

RyBasementIconThe homeowner will receive an offer to purchase the warranty. 5 year protection for $235 or 10 year protection $475 directly from Lux. 

A certificate is then sent to the homeowner for proud display on their electrical panel.

Relax, homeowners will not be calling you with a leaky basement!

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True Story “Dry Basement” sell’s homes

Mr. Eisener walked into the Lux office June ’14. Comparing two homes each $260,000. and wants to know which home to choose. He was advised the Lux builder Arsenault Homes had the “Dry basement protection”

He immediately purchased the Lux builder’s home.