Lux Residential Warranty Program Inc. provides home warranty protection for New Home buyers through our Professional Builder Members.

Our records for having the highest customer and builder satisfaction rates did not occur by happenstance. Since our beginning in 2004, our goal has been to provide a fresh and pleasant approach to this industry.

Our approach begins with:

  • Professional builder members providing quality services.
  • A comprehensive and effective builder approval process.
  • Prompt, quality service, and streamline administration.
  • Friendly, easy access.
  • Honesty in Marketing

Our goal to provide excellent quality service to builders and homeowners alike has brought us to a number of firsts in Canada, such as;

  • Homeowner Help Line with prompt personal contact by experience technical staff.
  • our extended warranty coverage for both new homes and pre-owned, whose current one year latent defect warranty has expired.
  • Free 5yr Foundation Water penetration warranty.
  • Free 1st year inspections and conciliations
  • Free structural inspections for the full term of warranty

Lux actively supports its 600+ members and industry in its goal to achieve excellence in construction standards and is recognized by CMHC for mortgage approval purposes.