Why Lux?

Home Registration

Unique to the industry our members can simply fax or e-mail a registration and receive a confirmation the same day.

Free Foundation Water Penetration Warranty

By using the Cosella Dorken’s Delta MS, Lux members are offered a free 10 year warranty on water penetration of foundation walls.

Extended Warranty

Builders and their customers benefit by Lux offering directly to the homeowners an extended 1st year coverage on your homes starting in year 2. Homeowners have the option to continue the 1st year coverage’s for 4 more years, while builders have the comfort of knowing their customers can obtain such coverage without the builder servicing it.

Warranty Transfer

Unique to our industry a home warranty transfer can be completed by the vendor (existing homeowner) with a simple transfer form online.

Effective education

Lux’s philosophy is that education needs to assist builders to be more effective, competitive and reduce service cost. Subsequently the voluntary workshops have been very popular at little to no fees.

Builder client services

It is crucial that home owners understand all aspect of the warranty coverage and that this coverage is honest, not exaggerated and up front. Builders and their clients receive free, prompt clear and friendly dispute services.

Less Builder Liability

Without realizing it, many builders have signed warranty agreements that can make them liable for the total length of the warranty term. At Lux there’s no small print and you won’t need your lawyer to understand your agreement.

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