Protection against water penetration from the above ground home envelope, from windows, doors, roofing and siding.

The #1 reason for leaks in homes above ground and below the roof is through wall cavity openings such as windows, doors, hood vents, as well as air barrier system failures.

A myriad of circumstances will define how water may penetrate the homes walls. Often such leaks may go unnoticed for 1-3 years.

This coverage provides protection to homeowners against leaks in wood walls above the ground and below the roof. In addition to repairing wall water penetration issues the warranty will also repair direct subsequent damages such as flooring, framing, drywall, finishes etc., to materials provided by the builder. (note any damages to personal goods or chattels is excluded from the coverage).

IMPORTANT:   “Your builder will need to know prior to construction that you require this extra protection.” Lux has worked with your builder to provide the construction design of your wall system.

This coverage may be: Provided by the builder or be purchased directly by the homeowner at the time of possession for an up to 5-year term.  Also, the homeowner may request to purchase an additional 5-year extension of this protection near the end of the initial five-year term.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For defects and service 1st contact your builder immediately for water penetration defects.
  • Also contact Lux within the first year if the issue is not properly addressed.
  • After the 1st year simply call or contact the Lux help line at the first sign of any water penetration.

Anytime with technical questions or clarification on industry standards. If you require assistance send us a help request on our homeowner helpline at  You will not be charged for any inspections that may be required.

You must first obtain a separate warranty certificate for the “Envelope Warranty” Insure yours is in place.