Dry Basement Warranty Protection

Your home of distinction

Imaging how valuable this distinction will be in 1, 10, or 25 years from now? How competitive the resale of your home will be compared to hundreds of standard homes on the market?

HigherConstructionStandardsHigher Construction Standards These distinctive Homes are built to a higher standard, the benefits of the “Dry Basement Warranty” are designed to last long beyond the warranty term. They represent above average comfort and protection.

WallCracksWall cracks Every foundation wall will experience shrinkage cracks and even though most are small, a myriad of circumstance will define whether the foundation wall will leak. 

DamagesIconProtection for Consequential Damages Lux will also repair damages such as flooring, drywall, finishes etc., to materials provided by the builder.

ChoiceOfProtectionChoice of protection Directly from Lux, Homeowners can purchase, protection from leaking damp concrete walls for 5 year term at $235 or 10 year term at $475.

Items not covered:
Homeowner’s chattels personal property such as furniture etc. Please note this is a warranty overview and not the full warranty agreement.

IMPORTANT: Your builder will need to know prior to construction that you require this extra protection.