A fresh and pleasant approach to Home Warranty protection is what we’re all about!

Warranty Protection that today’s Homeowners expect

Who doesn’t want a Dry. Basement and Extended leak protection for above ground? Not just warranty, but also higher standards of construction that will pay benefits for years.
Think of your home’s future re-sale value!

Warranty Coverage Highlights:

  • 5yr. or 10yr. Dry Basement Coverage
  • 2yr. Home Envelope water Protection
  • 1yr. Latent Defect
  • 5yr, 8yr., or 10yr. Major Structural coverage
  • Free inspection & dispute resolution services.
  • Deposit Protection
  • Renovation Warranty

Highlight list of Lux Initiatives:

  • Homeowner help line
  • No fee Structural Inspections
  • Dry Basement Protection
  • Extended Home Envelope Protection
  • The Homeowner’s choice awards
  • Renovation Warranty

Refreshing Honesty, For Your Protection:

Lux points out “what’s not covered” and is one of the only programs that post its latent warranty on line. (see What you need to know).

Our philosophy has allowed us to attract hundreds of the industry’s most highly regarded Builders and thousands of grateful homeowners.

For Home builders, home for sale and renovations in Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, Saint John’s, Halifax, Truro, Bathurst, Sussex, Kentville, as well as home sales Amherst, Lower Sackville, Bedford, New Glasgow, Miramichi, Charlottetown, Summerside, Stratford and for CHBA builders… also for manufactured and mini homes for sale. Offering Atlantic home registrations in all Atlantic Provinces.