New Home Warranty


Our first rule of order in consumer protection is taking steps to insure defects are prevented.
Our innovative and personal approach to builder membership plays a significant role in preventing problems. Professional builders not only need the financial and technical ability, but also a quality disposition towards consumer service, pride in workmanship. Lux members are aware these expectations are crucial to a builder’s success. Our education program is directed to assist builder in preventing problems.

Lux Residential Warranty stands by their Member Builders and their valued customers.


Year One – Materials and Workmanship

  • The program warrants that, during the first year, the Homeowner will receive if necessary repair and workmanship as defined in the Program’s Warranty Certificate. Program covers up to a maximum of $35,000 for materials and workmanship involved covered by the program including those supplied and installed by the registered builder, it’s employees and those trades and others contracted directly by the registered builder.


Years One to Eight – Major Structural Defects

  • Major structural defects affecting the load-bearing portion of your new home are protected for the entire eight year period up to a maximum of $35,000.00 per residential unit. In the event that the home owner is required to move out while major structural repairs are under way, the warranty allows a relocation expense up to $3,500.00.

The maximum aggregate liability to LRWP for the Latent Defect Warranty and the Major Structural Defect Warranty shall not exceed a total of $35,000.


Lux Residential Warranty Program has partnered with a leading manufacturer and installer of a proprietary water protection barrier for basements, in order to ensure that your basement will be free from leaks, dampness, mould and mildew and musty odours for up to eight (8) year period. Builders are encouraged to call LRWP for full details.

Extended 1st year warranty Coverage

Unique to the industry Lux has partnered with Trisura Insurance to provide homeowners extended warranty assistance coverage on hundreds of common housing components from roof and foundation leaks to interior plumbing.
If the home is sold during the warranty period, any coverage remaining on the Lux Home Warranty Program can be easily transferred to any subsequent buyers.