Professional products homeowners want

The builder’s 1st year Latent defects

Dispute resolution – Homeowner helpline, assistance with good client relations. Included in basic coverage.

2 Year Envelope Warranty

Protection against water penetration from the above ground home envelope, from windows, doors, roofing, siding.

5 Year Dry Basement

Protection from water penetration through the foundation wall and consequential damages. Requires the installation of a drainage board Platon or Delta MS.


5 Year Renovation Warranty

Similar to New Home warranty The builder’s 1st Year Latent defects. Dispute resolution – Homeowner helpline. 2 Year envelope & 5 Year Dry Basement also applicable.


8 Year Major Structural Defect (MSD)

MSD included in basic coverage. Coverage may be extended to 10yr for $200.