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Home Details

Pre-Renovation Specification & Description of the Existing Home Contruction

(Example: 3” concrete no Vapor Barrier, partially unfinished 2 -1/8” x 8’-0” cracks . . . high moisture surface)
adjacent to foundation walls (Example 2 x 4 studs @ 2’-0” O/C no Vapor Barrier R-12 Batts Ins. ½ Drywall high moisture content)
(Example 2 x 8” joists Rough Four Sides @ 20” –O/C Spans 8’ to 10’-0” 1 x6 T&G boards ½” OSB sheathing finish floor uneven
(Example in general 3 -2 x 8” spanned or Description
(Example 2 x 4” x 8’ stud wall @ 16” O/C –R12 Batts, 6Mil Poly 1x6” T&G boards, Tar Paper, Aluminum siding)
(Example: 3 tab asphalt Shingles ½” Plywood, Engineered Truss @ 2’-0” O/C –R32 Batts, 6Mil Poly 1x3” strapping ½” Drywall, Aluminum capped fascia no ridge vents)
(Example oil fired forced air)
(Example 100 amp fuse panel aluminum & copper)
(Example no central 1 bathroom & 1 Kitchen fan no make- up air)
(Example 1/2” copper water & 3.5” Cast Iron)


(Example: new windows, doors siding, grading, Split heat pump.)
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